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Out of all the energies in the world, Reiki is one form of energy that can be used by one human for the benefit or healing of another. Reiki treats a person as a whole i.e. their mind, body and soul!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the traditional Japanese art of healing. This queer yet effective energy channelizing practice is possible at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world. Because Reiki literally means ‘universal life energy’ and is present in the universe. This energy can be administered and channelized by any one rained in Reiki.

How is Reiki Administered?

Reiki is done in two ways: from a distance or by touching one’s body through a hand by a Reiki practitioner. A typical small session can extend from 15 to 20 minutes, while a longer session can go up to 60 minutes.

Clare’s Reiki Healing Practice

Clare’s Reiki practice is based on her intuitive hearing of her client’s bodies. Combining her Shamanic studies and practices with the traditional Japanese Reiki treatments, she guides her clients into a self-healing journey supported by the elements of nature and ether. 
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What it Includes

Reiki sessions with Clare include 3 phases:
  • Pretreatment consultation
  • 45-minute treatment
  • 15-minute post treatment evaluation

How it Heals

Clare uses her Reiki practice for the healing of mind, body and soul in her clients. Her practice results in achieving the following results in her clients:  
  • Relieves physical pain, anxiety and fatigue
  • Treats depression
  • Enhances quality of life
  • Boosts mood
  • Invites in a trusting conversation and understanding with life
  • Strengthens connection to Source, higher power
  • Invites you into a life of miracles and deeper knowing
  • Heals relationships to others and the self

Learn Reiki with Clare

Clare offers her Reiki healing sessions as well as certifications in Reiki Practice for levels 1 and 2, at the Master and Teacher Level.

Book your slot with Clare and start a new life with a new approach to healing!